They just keep coming…

Another piece I wrote a while ago and just found…

First appeared on Harry’s Place

Are we living in an era of ‘reckoning’?

This is a guest post by Mike Audley

I’ve had a nagging feeling for a couple of days that the Savile case isn’t as unique as first expected…

The last few years have seen our bankers fall from grace. their greed having been all but encouraged by their lack of self-regulation or indeed by any effective external regulation. Their actions, fully supported by their old school pals in the government, were a crucial catalyst, if not the root cause of the financial collapse that our Grandchildren will be paying for.

Then it was the turn of the politicians to be placed under the microscope of public scrutiny.  It turned out that  they had been playing the expenses and 2ndhome allowance system for years, under our noses, – moulding the system in order to line their own pockets and those of their friends and family.

Next in line as if in rapid response, it turned out that another shining beacon of the British Establishment, namely the gutter Murdoch press was knee deep in its own filth…even Rebeckah Brooks turned out to be a vile, self-serving power-mad sociopath! Who saw that coming? I mean, she was friends with the Prime Minister for God’s sake…! Heads rolled, hands were wrung again.

When the families of the 96 football fans who died 23 years ago finally saw a  flickering candle at the end of a very dark, old tunnel, we all knew that a process had started that will, I’m sure bring about criminal proceedings for negligence and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. My money is on the press, the police and the government of the day being  brought to book…oh, is a pattern emerging?

Meanwhile, the Savile case continues the mutating pattern. We are told to expect pillars of the community to be questioned by the police and we all suspect that the fall out will, once again, implicate the press, some members of the government of the time and, again, the police themselves.

These days it seems that the ones who got away with terrible crimes and were sheltered, aided and then protected, are not untouchable any more. The tide has turned. The public are demanding justice, and they’re no longer frozen in fear of the consequences of their actions. Those who for decades have been the untouchable ones, the ones who formed the very fabric of the establishment and who were therefore immune from scrutiny and thus were unaccountable for their often heinous actions, are now being unwillingly dragged into public view, inspected forensically and, where necessary, prosecuted. Sadly in the Savile case, the main offender is no longer with us to be brought to book, but someone will be held accountable, the public appetite for retribution is simply too strong to be ignored.

Where will this pattern lead us next? I, for one, can’t wait to find out…


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