A friend tasked me with writing a song about him. Here are the words

For Neil

Piercing blue eyes search the Southern French skies

For the love of his life

Who will soon be his wife.


Bilingual disguise while the girl hides her cries

They’ll be happy again

When they sail up the Seine


A year or two since they met

Port-au-Prince sunshine, yet

Both finding something

They weren’t looking for.


Four flawless pearls arrive

Four perfect girls decide

How they proceed to where

They long to be.


How could it be the same?

Magical alchemy came.

Blessed you whilst passing

Then faded away.


Six pairs of eyes smiling

No more disguise; whiling

Moments away

Now you’re older, they say.


Fulfilled and content

Busy father and gent

Can’t work out any more

What he thought of before.


And under the prize of those Southern French skies

Counts his blessings first one then five;

Thanks God that he’s alive.



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